IALHI 2001-2002 Annual Report


1.1 Co-ordination Committee

Since the conference of Tampere (2001) the Co-ordination Committee consists of Kyrill Anderson (RGASPI, Moscow), Andrew Lee (Tamiment Library, New York), Stephen Bird (NMHL, Manchester), Francesca Gori (Feltrinelli-Milano), Jaap Kloosterman (IISH-Amsterdam), Rudiger Zimmerman (Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung-Bonn), Marien van der Heijden (Committee on Acces), Wouter Steenhaut (Amsab-Gent), Karin Englund (ARAB, Stockholm), Franck Veyron (BDIC, Paris). The Committee held 2 meetings in 2001-2002, on 9 February 2002 (Paris) and 5 September 2002 (Stockholm).

Attending members:
CC, 9.2.2002: Stephen Bird, Rüdiger Zimmerman, Jaap Kloosterman, Wouter Steenhaut, Marien van der Heijden, Andrew Lee, Karin Englund, Kyrill Anderson, Francesca Gori, Franck Veyron;
CC, 5.9.2002: Stephen Bird, Jaap Kloosterman, Rüdiger Zimmerman, Marien van der Heijden, Wouter Steenhaut, Kyrill Anderson, Francesca Gori, Andrew Lee, Franck Veyron, Karin Englund.

At the meeting of the CC the following items were discussed:

  • Evaluation of the XXXII Annual IALHI Conference, Tampere, September 2001
  • Approval of the report
  • Preparation of the XXXIII Annual IALHI Conference, Stockholm, September 2002
  • Future conferences
  • Recruitment of new members of IALHI
  • Financial situation of IALHI
  • IALHI projects (Bibliography Socialist Internationals, Labour History Index)

1.2. Membership

In the year September 2001-September 2002, 3 institutions asked for affiliation to the IALHI.

  • Labour Research Service/Trade Union Library (Woodstock, South Africa)
  • Manuscripts Division National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  • Collectif des centres de documentation en histoire ouvrière et sociale (CODHOS) (Paris, France)

The CC reacted positively and asks the conference to approve this affiliation.

The Menningar- og Fraedslusamband Alpydy (Reykjavik-Iceland) has resigned as member of the IALHI.

During the year 2001-2002, IALHI had 62 paying members (situation at 1st September 2002).
5 institutions among them pay reduced membership fees and 6 institutions came under the "godparenthood" system. The "godparenthood" system is possible because 4 IALHI members (IISH-Amsterdam, Amsab-Gent, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung-Bonn, Fondazione Feltrinelli-Milano), had declared themselves ready to pay the membership fees for financially weaker members.

Number of paying members:

  • 15.07.1997: 46
  • 31.12.1997: 55
  • 15.08.1998: 48
  • 31.08.1998: 61
  • 31.12.1999: 73
  • 15.08.2000: 58
  • 31.12.2000: 78
  • 15.08.2001: 59
  • 31.12.2001: 71
  • 01.08.2002: 62

1.3. Publications and Communications

1.3.1. Acta of the IALHI Conference "Past and Future of International Trade Unionism"

The Acta of this conference, organized in Ghent (18-19 May 2000) with Amsab-Institute of Social History, have been published in December 2001. Each sustaining member has received a free copy.

1.3.2. Acta XXXIth Conference of the IALHI, Tampere, September 2001

On 19th July 2002 all the sustaining members have received the Acta of the IALHI Conference 2001 in Tampere.

1.3.3. IALHI Newsletter

IALHI Newsletter still doesn't find great response. Something has to be done about it by both the new Secretary General and the Co-ordination Committee.

1.3.4. IALHI Leaflet

This folder can still be obtained at the secretariat on demand.

1.3.5. IALHI on WWW

IALHI has still a place on the www on the site of the IISH, which regularly updates the data. All alterations have to be reported to the IALHI secretariat as well as to the IISH (Jenneke Quast).

1.3.6. Circular letters of the IALHI secretary

The secretariat sent circulars on 13th December 2001, 15th March 2002, 14th June 2002, 19th July 2002, concerning: IALHI Directory; Membership fee 2002; Report of the IALHI conference in Tampere; Acta of IALHI conference in Tampere; XXXIIIth IALHI conference Stockholm; Acta "The Past and Future of International Trade Unionism"; Announcements of IALHI members.


For the financial statement as per 1st September 2002 see appendix [not included here].


The future conferences will be in Dublin in 2003, Paris in 2004, Gent in 2005, Zürich in 2006.


4.1 IALHI Projects

4.1.1. Periodicals Labour History (co-ordination Gerd Callesen)

A list of scholarly periodicals on the Labour Movement can be seen on IALHI's home page.

4.1.2.Serials Services (co-ordination Jaap Kloosterman)

The project is running and can be found on IALHI's website.

4.1.3. Ideological programs (co-ordination Rüdiger Zimmerman)

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung makes an update of this project each year.

4.1.4. Labour History Index

See report of Jaap Kloosterman [not included here].

4.1.5. Bibliography. Publications of the Socialist Internationals

See report of Marcus Sommerstange [not included here].

4.2. Projects of IALHI members

4.2.1. Databank of the International Trade Union Organisations

See report of Marcus Sommerstange [not included here].

Gent, 2nd September 2002
Wouter Steenhaut
Secretary general